before log tune

before paint

after  log tune



fireplace was not being used 

replaced  with northern birch log set 

updated 30-year-old fireplace with new front 

outdated log set low heat

replaced with high-efficiency autumn oak log set 

2o-year-old set poor flame

2o-year-old set after tune up

18-year-old log set poor flame 

18-year-old log after tune up

8-year fireplace never used

30" winter oak log set first fire ever in the fireplace 

the customer started but was not sure how to finish 

fire glass mixture black 30% copper 70% 

the fireplace was never finished

30"high-efficiency burner with blaze logs 

new home empty fire place

customer finished with new driftwood log set 

20 old log set no heat/poor flame 

replaced with remote controlled royal oak log set 

previous wood burning fireplace

converted to gas colorado split wood log set 

masonry fireplace never used 

replaced log lighter with northern birch 

before grill cleaning 

after grill cleaning 

more still to come