For infrared grills that have a reputation for high quality, great value and exceptional performance, choose Solaire® grills. From portable gas grills to built-in and freestanding models, these grills take advantage of the high heating of infrared burners in order to enhance food’s natural flavor, cook food faster and improve your outdoor cooking experience.


Why infrared? Infrared burners deliver high heat, which enhances food’s natural flavor. They heat up quickly and cook faster, so you’re ready to grill and eat in much less time than with traditional burners — and when grilling takes less time, you’ll grill more often. Infrared heat is perfect for grilling anything, from burgers, steaks and chicken to fish, vegetables and fruit. Best of all, Solaire® Infrared grills bring the flavor of a hot charcoal fire to the convenience of gas cooking.

Solaire® Portable Gas Grills

Bring the great flavors of home cooking to your next picnic or tailgating event with a sturdily constructed, easy-to-use portable gas grill. Both the Everywhere and Anywhere models feature 14,000 BTUs of infrared power, a 14” x 10” V-grate grilling surface and push-button electronic ignition. There is also a marine version that’s perfect for taking on your salt-water boating excursions.

Solaire® Built-In and Freestanding Infrared Gas Grills

These grills feature easily removable stainless steel main burners, push-button electronic ignition, doors with inside storage on cart models, double-skin hood with stay-cool handle, V-grilling grids to improve flavor and reduce flare-ups, removable warming rack and drip tray, stainless steel construction with welded seams and hand-polished mirror finish accents, and more — depending on the specific model.

Solaire® Accent Grill

This portable model offers one infrared burner at 12,000 BTU/hour maximum, grilling area large enough for six hamburgers, warming rack, V-channel grilling grids for enhanced flavor and reduced flare-ups, push-button electronic ignition, double-skin hood with stay-cool handle and four adjustable feet for tabletop use.

InfraVection® Option

This is the ideal choice for grillers who want the benefits of infrared combined with the comfort of traditional convection cooking. Experienced chefs like this option, too, for the wide range of temperatures it offers. It’s easy to convert Solaire® infrared grills to InfraVection® — simply purchase and install the Convection Conversion Kit. The kit is available for all sizes except for the Solaire® Anywhere portable grill.