Broilmaster has been manufacturing high-quality premium gas grills for 50 years. Each grill features a manufacturer’s patented stainless steel bowtie burner that distributes heat evenly and offers precise control at any setting, as well as a unique grill head that create a more uniform temperature across the cooking grid. Broilmaster grills offer many options, from multi-level cooking grids to a Smoker Shutter that can convert the grill into a smoking system.


Models are available with a wide range of options, including multi-level cooking grids, stainless steel griddles, separate burner control and the exclusive Smoker Shutter. The Smoker Shutter allows backyard chefs to easily convert the grill to an indirect cooking system for smoking, roasting, slow cooking and baking. The company even manufactures a charcoal grill that provides more flexibility and better temperature control than any other charcoal grill on the market.

Super Premium Series

Features include stainless steel bowtie burner; adjustable three-level cooking grids for grilling, baking and warming; stainless steel griddle; push-button electronic igniter; stainless steel rod cooking grids; Smoker Shutter; adjustable lid stop; built-in heat indicator and propane or natural gas options.

Premium Series Gas Grills

Features include stainless steel bowtie burner, adjustable three-level cooking grids, push-button electronic igniter, built-in heat indicator and lid stop.

H Series Deluxe Gas Grills

Includes stainless steel H-style burner, push-button electronic igniter, stainless steel cooking grids, built-in heat indicator, Charmaster™ briquettes and propane or natural gas options.

R Series Infrared Grills

Infrared grilling sears food quickly, preserving natural juices and flavors. Independent burners allow for indirect cooking, baking, slow roasting and more. Features three-level adjustable cooking grids, a separate warming rack, lid stop and propane or natural gas options.

Built-In Grills

Create an amazing outdoor kitchen by installing a P3, H3 or R3 grill into an island that you design.

Qrave Cooker

Features a stainless steel oval burner, deep cast aluminum grill head for even temperature, two-level cooking grids, drip pan and external drip bucket, built-in smoker tray for pellets or wood chips, and electric igniter.

Independence Charcoal Grill

Includes a large aluminum-cast grill head, adjustable cooking grids, twin air intakes on front and top vent, probe heat indicator and two front-load doors. Uses lump charcoal or briquettes.

Side Burners and Side Shelf